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YUNAISY    fiction 2014

Directors: Juan Pablo Daranas Molina

Country of Origin/Filming: Cuba

Country of Filming: Cuba


Carlos is a young Cuban filmmaker facing censorship for the first time. He must choose between taking a great career opportunity or maintaining the integrity of “Yunaisy”.



Director: Esma Saric

Country of Origin/Filming: Bosnia and Herzegovina


A simple robbery of an old man turns into an adventure where the robber learns a powerful lesson.



BLOOD MONEY   animation 2016

Director: Emily Knight

Country of Origin/Filming: United Kingdom


Stylish Noir thriller. A man is slowly consumed by guilt and paranoia after committing a terrible crime.


THROW ME TO THE DOGS    fiction 2015

Director: Aaron Dunleavy and Joseph Ollman

Country of Origin/Filming: United Kingdom


A troubled teenage boy, growing up in a dreamless wilderness and isolated from those around him, is stripped of his dignity as his father abandons him for the outside world which he is trying to retreat from.



DIRECTOR’S CUT   Mockumentary / fiction 2015

Director: Pol Diggler

Country of Origin/Filming: Spain


An indie filmmaking crew is shooting the first snuff movie with a plot.




THE SHADOW FOREST   fiction 2014

Director: Andrzej Cichocki

Country of Origin/Filming: Poland


A man, while hunting a wolf in a forest, is startled by the sound of guns firing. Suddenly, in an explosion of movement there are people running, one of whom, a small boy, gets lost. Even the wolves are overwhelmed by a sense of the impending danger.




GOD BLESS YOU   fiction 2014

Director: Jakub Radej

Country of Origin.Filming: Poland


"I have not come to call the righteous, but sinners" Matthew 9:13

A young cleric during a holly mass gets a letter from one of the female believers, which reminds him of a recent sin. He must make the right decision to be able to follow a spiritual path. Does one have to sin to become a saint? A story told without dialogues.





KNOCKED DOWN    animation 2015

Director: Pepe Gomez

Country of Origin: Spain

Country of Filming: United Kingdom


A young boxer ponders about the world of boxing while fighting for the championship belt.





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OH DUDE!   fiction 2014

Director: Jakub Jirasek

Country of Origin/Filming: Czech Republic


The movie Oh dude! captures an important day in the adolescence of two young guys. Longtime friends who recently graduated from high school move to the capital city for their studies. Their new home makes a way less comfortable first impression than they expected. Each of them deals with this fact in his own way…


DENIRO   fiction 2015

Directors: Haukur Heiðar Steingrímsson & Knútur Haukstein Ólafsson

Country of Origin/Filming: Iceland


A couple jogging through the forest get in an argument about film where each is perfectly certain they are correct. Was Robert De Niro in Scarface or was that was Al Pacino? That can't be right because Al Pacino is the guy who starred in Cab Driver where he said the famous line "Are you talking to my little friend?".


whatever Director's Cut 2 The Shadow Forest 3 God Bless You 2 Knocked Down 2

KNIFE IN THE WIFE   documentary 2014

Director: Vita Drygas

Country of Origin/Filming: Poland


‘Knife In the Wife’ is a documentary impression portraying the life of the provincial Arizona Circus. The culminating point of their show is the throwing of knives. For over fifteen years the circus owner and his son have been throwing them at their wives. The world of this six-person circus troop, though it gives the impression of the grotesque, is frequented by sorrow. Despite the fact that their show isn't the highest of arts, the magic of the circus fascinates the young viewers.






Knife In the Wife 2

HAILSTONE’S DANCE   documentary 2015

Director: Amin Pourbarghi

Country of Origin/Filming: Iran


The film is based on a true story of a girl who has been raped by her father when she was a child. Now she is 20 years old and thinks about her dark past and confronts us with some questions…







Hairlstone's Dance 1

GOODBUY   fiction 2016  (out of competition)

Director: Christine Zacharia

Country of Origin/Filming: Cyprus


What connects a fisherman, a laundry and a clothes boutique? A short film that comments on a contemporary social crisis.










* This film was developed during the DSLR Film workshop at Kimonos Art Center