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ALIEN  fiction / drama

Director: Jegwang Yeon

Country of Origin/Filming: S. Korea


Reonghee and I are illegal aliens. Yesterday, Reonghee died while running away from the Immigrant Office Agents. The company we worked for is only concerned about covering up the mess. I'm going to find Reonghee, who's body the company has hidden somewhere and give her funeral that she deserves.

ALNAJMA    fiction / drama

Director: Gilbert Karam

Country of Origin/ Filming: Lebanon



After the curtain falls at the end of a musical play in one of the most prestigious theaters in Beirut, Aida, the very well-known actress, leaves the stage to face an uncertain reality.

DANCES WITH CAMELS   fiction / comedy

Director: Josh Trachtman

Country of Origin/Filming: Israel



A soldier is left to guard in the desert in the middle of nowhere. With nothing better to do, he starts to dig holes in search of a lost bag of drugs. Slowly he loses all reason, and his obsessions take over.

KIPPAH     fiction / drama

Director: Lukas Nathrath

Country of Origin/Filming: Germany



Based on actual events, this film tells the story of 15-year-old Oskar who newly visits a multi-cultural high school. He feels comfortable in his class community and has found a best friend in his seatmate Eren. However, when Oskar, without thinking, reveals in an ethics lesson that he is Jewish, the atmosphere changes.

MAMA   fiction / drama

Director: Anastasia Borisova

Country of Origin / Filming: Russia



A young country girl with a baby is trying to arrange her life in Moscow. To make ends meet, she is looking for money and any job.

OFFENCE  fiction / drama

Director:  Max Benyo

Country of Origin/Filming: Germany



One night Gregor notices that his son hasn't come home. In search of him, his worst worries come true: Julius was brutally beaten up. Driven by pain and helplessness, he tracks down the one, who is responsible. But the image he had of the perpetrator does not match reality. The insight into the difficult life circumstances of the young man opens a new perspective for him. But his decisions have already triggered a dangerous development.

SILENT NIGHT    fiction / comedy

Director:  Alexandra Rieser

Country of Origin/Filming: Austria



The young student Elias returns to his home village on Christmas Eve to celebrate together with his mother Veronica, 'Vroni', but this year her new boyfriend Fritz will join as well. From the start it is clear that Elias, a vegetarian, refuses to accept the Butcher in his family life.

THE CALL  fiction / drama

Director: Ondrej Burda

Country of Origin / Filming: Czech R.



It's a cold spring evening and Tomas is just in the city far away from his home. He is talking on a phone to Anna, who is suddenly telling him that a suspicious man is standing in front of their house and is trying to get in.


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THE QUIET    animation / experimental

Director: Radheya Jegatheva

Country of Origin / Filming: Australia



When an astronaut ponders on the quietude of space, he comes upon a startling self-realisation. The truth is written in the stars, but what will he uncover?