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GRANDMA'S ODD WORLD    documentary 2017

Director: Jakob Mork

Country of Origin/Filming: Denmark


Two years ago my grandma had a near death experience caused by a brain infection. This made her go from our known and normal world into a completely delusional reality full of excitement, downs and strong hallucination, such as hunting animals in the Siberian desert, shooting my aunt, seeing animals everywhere and the stories goes on. Today she is back to normal, with a vivid and incredibly visual memory of the experiences she encountered from that unknown world.

STRANGE BIRD   fiction 2015

Director:  Anouk Fortunier

Country of Origin/Filming: Belgium


The film is a portrait of a man with bipolar disorder painted through the eyes of his 11 year old daughter. The picture turns into a bittersweet adventure with two un-conventional heroes on a path of innocence and crude behavior.


MAMAN AND THE OCEAN   fiction 2016

Director:  David Wagner

Country of Origin/Filming: Germany


Plastic bags kill. As far as that, Miro and his mother have the same opinion. Only Miro’s mother is thinking about the ocean while Miro is thinking about Lorenzo.



MARY  fiction 2016

Director: Grigory Kolomytsev

Country of Origin/Filming: Russia


After one year of Mary's son disappearance, she receives news: he is in the North Caucasus republic of Ingushetia and appears to be a terrorist. They have only one phone conversation under surveillance of special services to hear each other.

SNOW  documentary 2017

Director: Nivi Pedersen

Country of Origin/Filming: Greenland


Shoveling snow in the capital of Greenland is a big part of everyday life during winter. In this short documentary we are exploring how living in these conditions affect the culture through the lives of three people with each their big and small bumps on their roads of dealing with neighbors, shoveling, equipment and caring for each other.




HAPPY WITHOUT MONEY   documentary 2016

Director: Mahyar Hamidian

Country of Origin/Filming: Germany


The story of Raphael Fellmer who lived from 2009 in a money strike, which started with a moneyless journey from the Netherlands to Mexico. This is not because he cannot find work, but because he choose to. He is an activist, who lived without money to raise awareness.





THE CHICKEN OF WUZUH    fiction 2015

Director: Sungbin Byun

Country of Origin/Filming: S. Korea


Wuzuh, a girl wIth Down syndrome, has a secret crush on her class teacher. However, one day, she finds out that one of her classmates has received from the teacher the same hairclip as hers, which she had thought that he has given only to her as a thoughtful present. Feeling betrayed, Wuzuh brings a chicken she has been raising to give her teacher to school and starts to make a fuss with it in the classroom.

FABIJAN   fiction 2016

Director: Lovro Mrden

Country of Origin/Filming: Croatia


Ten-year-old Jan is not a happy child. He lives in a modest flat with his mother, Sara, who is a drug and alcohol addict, and keeps neglecting her son. His only company is Fabijan, but Jan is the only one who can see him.


SAMIRA   fiction 2016

Director: Charlotte A. Rolfes

Country of Origin/Filming: Germany


An interpreter has to help a young African woman during a police deployment at the Port of Hamburg.

A routine job for Janosch with unexpected consequences.

WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN   fiction 2016

Director: Katja Benrath

Country of Origin/Filming: Germany


A little boy has a painful and secret problem that needs some real magic to be solved.

It’s Aron’s seventh birthday and everything seems to be alright. No one knows that his biggest wish is his biggest secret but when Pit the magician makes a rabbit disappear in front of his eyes, the boy knows what to do.







YAHRZEIT   fiction 2016  

Director: Thomas Eggel

Country of Origin/Filming: Germany


During the Second World War two Jewish sisters, Bertha and Lisl are fleeing from the Nazi terror. They experience physically the arbitrariness of human action.











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MOTHER RIVER  fiction 2016

Director: Priit Põhjala

Country of Origin/Filming: Estonia


When a pagan Fisherman arrives home from his fishing trip, he finds that his religious mother has died and her last wish was to receive the church's blessing. Though disliking the idea, the Fisherman goes and tries to fulfill his mothers last wish, but is met with bureaucratic opposition from the near-by church. He now struggles with his own belief in the old ways that are dying and the wishes of his mother in a new and changing world.


QUESTION MARK    documentary 2017

(out of competition)

Director: Yiorkos Hadjiadamou

Country of Origin/Filming: Cyprus


A dcumentary about an eternal question.










* This film was developed during the DSLR Film workshop at Kimonos Art Center