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SAMA   documentary 2017

Director: Mazin M Sherabayani

Country of Origin/Filming: Kurdistan / Iraq


Robar and her family are determined to establish a ballet dance group, despite all the threats, lack of funding, and a place to practice. Can hope and passion overcome fear, narrow mindness and bigotry?  


SWEEPER'S PRIDE   fiction 2017

Director: Matthias Koßmehl

Country of Origin/Filming: Germany


Night after night Bodo sweeps the empty city streets. Dirty work that no one notices. Attracted by electronic basses and gleaming lights he comes across a vernissage. A strange world in which he makes a familiar discovery and decides not to be invisible anymore.


documentary 2015

Director: Aline Chukwuedo

Country of Origin/Filming: Germany


Ida is a mature actress who does not want to admit that her star which was once shining brightly is inevitably fading out. As her less experienced colleague gets a role in the theater play Ida is involved in, she discovers the hard way of being no longer the center of attention.

DIONI   documentary 2015

Director: Thanos Psichogios

Country of Origin/Filming: Greece


A music documentary on tradition and our relationship with it. Dioni, a young female polyphonic vocal ensemble, tries to simultaneously preserve the traditional folk polyphony of Epirus and to develop a more personal and contemporary way of expression.


fiction 2016

Director: Nicola Stephanie Sangs

Country of Origin/Filming: Hungary


Karcsi is disabled, forced into a wheelchair. His world revolves around performance, around music and friends. In his every day life, he often has to rely on people’s help, but when he dances he develops an energy and an ability which let his disability disappear, leaving us with an extraordinary feeling of fascination. ‘Steps’ is a choreography of life; a dance between dependence and independence, of rising beyond


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