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Payment Information and Deadlines


- Early bird entries to all Short Film categories are free (until October 11, 2016).

- Regular Deadline entry fees for all Short Film categories are 5 Euros (until March 21, 2017)

- Late entries fees for all Short Film categories are 10 Euros (until April 21, 2017)




- The festival is open to short films of maximum 20 minutes in length (fiction and documentary) and student short film of maximum 15 minutes in length that were released after January 1, 2015.

- All submitted films must have obtained necessary permissions for the inclusion of copyrighted music and/or images.

- We do NOT accept films that require a screening fee.




- short film up to 20 minutes from Cypriot filmmakers (fiction and documentary)

- short films up to 20 minutes from International filmmakers (fiction and documentary)

- student short films up to 15 minutes from Cypriot and International students (fiction and documentary)

- special category short films up to 20 minutes from Cypriot and International filmmakers (fiction and documentary)


Selection and Notification


- Successful entrants will be notified of their inclusion in the festival before the festival begins.

- Selected films should be submitted as MP4 file. (You should send the highest resolution version of your film possible). There is no need for DVDs (we prefer the paperless, Eco-friendly world)




- To help promote the festival, we reserve the right for the reproduction of stills from submitted films for festival publications, flyers and programme, online and print press and the Paphos International Film Festival website.

- We also reserve the right to broadcast clips of all films submitted to the festival, on the PIFF website, PIFF Vimeo channel and in the PIFF festival trailer.