Director: Anna Artemyeva

Country of Origin: Russia

Country of Filming: Belgium

This is a story about the separation of a mother and 3 years old daughter, who live far from each other, because of visa issues. Every day they communicate in video chat and dream of an imminent meeting.

END OF SEPTEMBER fiction / drama 15'

Director: Valentina Casadei

Country of Origin / Filming: Italy

Christian tries in every way to bring his younger brother Giulio to school. An easy thing for most, but not for them, who don't know their father and whose mother is an alcoholic. In addition to this, Christian is a bricklayer and has to start work at the same time his brother has to start school.

GOOD MORNING   fiction / dark comedy 15'

Director: Andres Losada

Country of Origin / Filming: Poland

It's that day when you get out of bed with half a century on this planet behind you, and you don't want to figure out any longer what your story should be about. You place a stool in the middle of the room, take a rope, put a noose around your neck and... It turns out that sometimes trying to end yourself is just the beginning. Usually of a new misery.

LA TECNICA   fiction / drama 10'

Directors: Clemente De Muro & Davide Mardegan

Country of Origin / Filming: Italy

The plot unfolds as the initiation story of Leonardo, a shepherd’s son, and Cesare, a tourist just arrived in the village, who will teach Leonardo the best strategies with girls.

MADAME GRENIER'S TOASTER fiction / comedy 17'

Director: Jethro Massey

Country of Origin: UK

Country of Filming: France

Madame Grenier is married to her toaster. It's a happy relationship, filled with wonderful memories. But as her toaster doesn't talk a lot, she sometimes suffers her solitude a little...

MANDATORY   fiction / drama 15'

Director: Javad Khorsha

Country of Origin / Filming: Iran

It is about a fire squad soldier which is forced to kill a prisoner in the firing squad and he does not know which to choose in the dilemma of ethics and duty. 

ONLY BIBI   fiction / comedy / drama 14'

Director: Rani Avidan

Country of Origin / Filming: Israel

A concerned citizen encounters a political writing on a public bus stop and decides to call city services. When they fail to respond he decides to take the law into his own hands. 

PARADE fiction / drama 25'

Director: Yohann Gloaguen

Country of Origin / Filming: France

Leo's in his 20s. His family was blown up by a tragedy but he still has his buddies. Together, they spend their days zoning out, occasionally robbing supermarkets, and their evenings drinking and smoking. But that doesn't appease Leo's desperate rage, as he gets up every morning without knowing if he'll see the end of the day.

SLOW   fiction / comedy 11'

Director: Giovanni Boscolo & Daniele Nozzi

Country of Origin / Filming: Italy

Since Marisa retired, her life has changed profoundly: she feels useless, abandoned, without a purpose. The meeting with a secret organization of pensioners reveals to her one of the greatest mysteries in the history of mankind: road traffic.

THE DEPENDENTS  fiction / drama 24'

Director: Alexandra Orekhova

Country of Origin / Filming: Russia

An old man Zotov can hardly make ends meet. To have a chance to survive he wants to go to his distant relative but he can’t abandon his shriveled and sick pets.

THE HUNT fiction / LGBT / drama 22'

Directors: Sholeh Zahraei & Kamil Saldun

Country of Origin / Filming: Cyprus

The sudden discovery of his son's secret turns Ibrahim's traditional world upside down. Fraught with emotional conflict, he takes his son Ismail on a fateful trip.

THE PARROT LADY animation 7'

Director: Michalis Kalopaidis

Country of Origin / Filming: Cyprus

'The parrot lady' is inspired by a true story. The film works as an artistic interpretation of a woman's life who chose to live on the streets with her parrots, afraid of dying alone in her home.

THEN COMES THE EVENING    documentary 28'

Director: Maja Novaković

Country of Origin: Serbia

Country of Filming: Bosnia and Herzegovina

Set amid the remote hills of Eastern Bosnia, THEN COMES THE EVENING provides a quiet meditation on the seemingly uncomplicated pastoral lives of two women. Through simple and precise composition with attention to light and texture, the mundane details of their lives are rendered with the tactile richness of an oil painting. Their every action and word is infused with ceremony, ritual, and intangible cultural heritage in this intimate yet epic examination of how nature and humanity interact.


Director: Gevi Dimitrakopoulou

Country of Origin / Filming: Greece

A short narrative documentary about the aftermath of Zak Kostopoulos's murder from her community's perspective.

VESSELS OF DESTINY  fiction / comedy 15'

Director: Franie-Éléonore Bernier

Country of Origin / Filming: France

As she is about to undergo surgery, Réjeanne realizes that she might not make it. She decides to satisfy her last wishes by inviting her oldest friend JB over to play their favourite video game: Vessels of Destiny.

WASHING MACHINE animation 5'

Director: Alexandra Májová

Country of Origin / Filming: Czech R.

Wash and love.


AMONG HUMANS   fiction / comedy 8'

Director: Caren Wuhrer

Country of Origin / Filming: Germany

Edda and Egon pictured their new son-in-law very differently. Especially less striped and furry. While meeting each other for the first time at a restaurant, daughter Oona and her future husband are not only confronted with prejudices.

ANA  fiction / drama 11'

Director: Stephanie Lemesianou

Country of Origin: Cyprus / Romania

Country of Filming: United States

On her mother’s birthday, 9-year-old Ana takes on a very important mission: make her mother smile for the first time in a very long time.

ANATHEMA fiction / drama / thriller 15'

Director:  Paolo Antypas

Country of Origin / Filming: Cyprus

On the island of Cyprus, an insomniac is haunted by hallucinations that his mother believes are a message from his dead father.

ANTEROS, LOVE RETURNED    fiction / LGBT / experimental 4'

Director: Diego Aparicio & George Moore Chadwick

Country of Origin: Cyprus, United Kingdom

Country of Filming: United Kingdom

A man carries his memories of a former lover physically on a roll of film. In an effort to confront his past, he meets with Anteros, the goddess of requited love.

BOYS DON'T CRY   documentary 10'

Director: Bobbie Faren Müller

Country of Origin / Filming: Denmark

A girl helps four boys examine and understand why it's difficult for them to show their vulnerabilities and be open about their emotions in today's society.

BY THE TIME I FALL ASLEEP   fiction / drama 18'

Director:  Damian Kosowski

Country of Origin / Filming: Poland

'There’s no compassion without suffering.'
About what happened one November night, in a certain flat, on the highest floor.

FORGIVE ME, FATHER  fiction / drama / historical 22'

Director: Jona Schlosser

Country of Origin / Filming: Germany

The short film FORGIVE ME, FATHER takes the viewer back to the year 1966. Germany is divided. Not far from East Berlin, 10-year-old Thomas grows up with his grandmother. It soon becomes clear that there is nothing normal about his family. As a small boy, he has to witness his mother being committed to a psychiatric institution for unknown reasons. This event haunts the boy up to his present. Plagued by a strong longing for his father, who emigrated to West Germany even before the construction of the German Wall, he plans his escape, which radically changes not only his life but also that of the border guard Johannes Bauer. Through his inner conflict between morality and conviction, the framework of his world view begins to collapse. Tossed back and forth between the extremes, the viewer becomes witness to a true story that makes one think.

THE KNOT fiction / drama 20'

Director: Andres Losada

Country of Origin / Filming: Estonia

Fear, trauma and the power dynamics between two young brothers are exposed when they follow a group of bullies into exploring an abandoned prison.

YOU HAVEN'T SEEN WHAT I'VE SEEN fiction / drama 20'

Director: Ewa Lang

Country of Origin / Filming: Poland

End of summer in a secluded lake house is not so lightsome as it seems. Seven years old Misia’s concerns are much more serious than getting ready for school. She must save the world - her’s and her mother’s - from the abusive father, and rebuild it on her own terms.