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TILL JAIL DO US PART    fiction 2015

Directors: Mariana Emmanuelli & Joserro Emmanuelli

Country of Origin/Filming: Puerto Rico


Their love and deep religious belief, drive Joseph and Liza, a criminal couple, to kidnap a priest to marry them before they are found and taken in by the police.


NUVOLA   fiction 2015

Director: Giulio Mastromauro

Country of Origin/Filming: Italy


Filippo is a retired teacher marked by pain over the loss of his wife. The man is determined to take his life, but someone knocks his door.


Director: Christopher Tevebaugh

Country of Origin/Filming: United States


An exploration of Star Trek's vision of humanity, from the original series to new fan-made creations. It's been 50 years since Gene Roddenberry's optimistic glimpse of the future first premiered. How has Star Trek reflected our humanity and influenced our culture? How will this spirit be continued?


Director: Boris Kozlov

Country of Origin: Serbia

Country of Filming: Spain


In 1973 Carl Sagan created the Pionner Plaque for the NASA Pioneer 10 mission. It was Humanity’s first message for extraterrestrial civilizations. Today, four decades later, the World gets together to collectively compose a new message...



LOST IN MAMBOO    documentary 2015

Director: Jerome Plan

Country of Origin: France

Country of Filming: Japan


A four-square-metre box with a screen and computer. This is what Japanese cyber-cafes offer, around the clock. Most customers just spend an hour or two here. But there are thousands who spend their lives in them. The Manboo in Tokyo has its own permanent residents: Masata and Hitomi. It is a home for them, even though they sleep on the floor.


Director: Federico Torres

Country of Origin/Filming: Puerto Rico


Franco Júpiter, an extraordinary magician with real powers, challenges nature in order to find real love.

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Director: Rathindran R. Prasad

Country of Origin: Turkey

Country of Filming: India


'Swayer Corporations', a 29 minute long short film about a young environmentalist who is on his way to Pudhucherry to kill the CEO of a chemical company


LES FRERES CHAMPION    fiction 2015

Director: Henri Gander

Country of Origin/Filming: France


Tonight, the Champion brothers sit at the table for the finale of the World Barbichette Federation championship to meet Igor Popov, a brutal and sneaky "beardy", sadly known to be a cold killer. The whole world is watching.


LAST NIGHT   fiction 2015

Director: Emmanuel Roudaut

Country of Origin/Filming: France


An evening of drunkenness to celebrate the end of a rent of 2 room mates. A night meeting, a threesome in preparation before the accidental death of a lady. A night of anxiety to make the body vanish before movers come...


SMOKING KILLS   fiction 2014

Director: Lionel Kaplan

Country of Origin/Filming: France


After dropping a body in the morgue, a hospital porter takes a break to smoke a cigarette and contemplate his life. The line bewteen life and death is not as clear as we think.


OPERATOR   fiction 2015

Director: Radoslav Irša

Country of Origin/Filming: Czech Republic


Jirka is an undergraduate of philosophy who is unable to find a proper job. He starts to work as an operator in a call centre. After a while he becomes frustrated by a tedious and stereotype work and decides to quit. He decides to make a final call.

Pressbild - Christer

CHAMPION    fiction 2015

Directors: Mans Berthas

Country of Origin/Filming: Sweden


Harsh midwinter. A frozen marriage in a remote cabin. An man from the past returns to seek revenge, and long lost feelings come alive. A wordless battle begins and the eternal triangle finally comes to an end.



Director: Paco Cavero

Country of Origin/Filming: Spain


Antonio, forced by his wife, takes his brother in law to the lake to help him to overcome a brake up. But this same day, Antonio has to assist to the bachelor´s party of a good friend. Carlos, the brother in law (obsessed by the belief that there´s a monster in the lake) will do the impossible to make Antonio stay with him till the monster appears. Will it do it? Or Carlos it´s the real monster for Antonio?


GROWN UPS   fiction 2014

Director: Javier Marco

Country of Origin/Filming: Spain


Carlos and Marta, both 35 years old, are living the life they’ve always dreamed of…a house with a yard, a dog, and they’re even about to have a child…but there’s no such thing as a perfect life.


NALEENA   documentary 2014

Director: Luigi Storno

Country of Origin: Italy

Country of Filming: India


Naleena is an Indian transgender and according the culture of her country she belongs to the so-called "third sex," neither man nor woman. As an offering to the Goddess Kali, Indian transgenders, called Hijras, undergo the ritual emasculation, carried out in secret and without anesthesia by the Thaaiamma, a kind of sacred midwife.

Traditionally considered sacred beings because daughters and priestesses of Kali, nowadays Hijras live like outcasts, even at a lower level than the caste of Pariah, and to survive the majority of them is forced to beg and sex work.


A DAY IN THE LIBRARY    fiction 2014

Director: Eden Wan

Country of Origin/Filming: Malaysia


A librarian struggling between protecting or betraying a domestic violence victim. It is a microcosmos of the holocaust.

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THE LOCKSMITH   fiction 2015

Director: MIltiades Christides

Country of Origin/Filming: Greece


A down on his luck locksmith, who hasn't had a lot of customers lately, finds himself at the service of an unexpected customer who really needs his help.

The Locksmith 18 Nov. 006

VENICE   fiction 2015

Director: Venetia Taylor

Country of Origin/Filming: Australia


Josh is in Venice, Mum is in Sydney. Josh doesn't understand backpacking, Mum doesn't understand Skype.


FOUR DOORS   fiction 2016

Director: Juan Pablo Daranas Molina

Country of Origin/Filming: Cuba


As part of a filmmaking challenge, this short was entirely made in 24 hours, from the first letter of the screenplay to the final cut. However, due to Cuba's extremely slow connectivity, uploading it to the Internet took us much longer... Accessing Internet is very difficult on our little island. Only a privileged minority has email accounts or access to a limited number of websites. Ernesto is about to be one of the privileged ones...

Four Doors (Cuatro puertas). Still frame (2)

PAOLO’S DREAM    doocumentary 2015

Directors: Kirineos Papadimatos & Giannis Avramopoulos

Country of Origin/Filming: Greece


24 hours (really, only this long?...) in the life of Mr. Paolo Teobaldelli. Is this enough to truly understand a man who declares that he lives like a rat on the rooftop of a destroyed building in the “tough area of Exarcheia”?

(Area in Athens, Greece, with a particular history.)

paolos dream still 4

AN ANGRY MAN    fiction 2015

Director: Jannik Dahl Pedersen

Country of Origin/Filming: Denmark


A self-help tape leads the spineless Lars out on a road trip with his father. Their relationship has always been strained, and it does not get better as they are confronted with both strong women, a self-proclaimed guru and their repressed past along the way. The tape leads Lars astray, but how does one take the wheel on life's inscrutable roads when you're usually the one being run over?


BEHEMOTH – OR THE GAME OF GOD    fiction 2015

Director: Lemohang Jeremiah Mosese

Country of Origin/Filming: Lesotho


An itinerant preacher proclaims to people that their god is in the very coffin he is dragging along.

THE BORDER   fiction 2015

Director: Norman Tamkivi

Country Origin: Esthonia

Country of Filming: United Kingdom


After a devastating global nuclear and chemical war Britain is divided into two: the war wasteland in the south and the surviving north. Thousands of refugees from the south are trying to migrate up north where civilised life is still possible. However, these people are carrying a deadly virus and the military is protecting the north from them.

Still 1 Behemoth

OMNIA    documentary 2015

Director: Amena Al Nowais

Country of Origin/Filming: United Arab Emirates


Omnia, a young Egyptian woman, is still struggling with an incident from her childhood that left her with no sense of her body, of “what it means to be a female, a girl”, or of what it means to be loved. In this short documentary, she revisits the incident.

Thomas aiming

A NEW FAMILY    documentary 2014

Director: Simone Manetti

Country of Origin: Italy

Country of Filming: Cambodia


Chantrea is banned from home by her sons when they discover she has HIV. She accepts her exile, even though supporting her family was the reason she was working as a prostitute. She starts collecting litter to survive, and meets Shrey - an abandoned and lonely girl working as a prostitute to support her little children - who sees Chantrea as a kindred spirit and asks her to become her mother. Two lonely Cambodian women get together and create a new family, supporting each other, loving each other.

Omnia2_300dpi a_new_family023orig_main