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3 STOLEN CAMERAS  documentary 17'

Directors: RåFILM & Equipe Media

Country of Origin: Sweden

Country of Filming: Western Sahara


The members of video activist group Equipe Media, from occupied Western Sahara, fight to keep their cameras. This is a story about breaking an absolute censorship with unique footage from an area where the Moroccan authorities have managed to implement a near total media blockade.

CHYANTI   fiction 18'

Director: Veemsen Lama

Country of Origin/Filming: Nepal


In the midst of the Maoist revolution, Ram, a guerrilla fighter, returns home to celebrate the festival of Dashain, only to realise that if he is to feed his family and send his daughter to school, he must sell Chyanti, the family goat, so beloved by his daughter, Sani.

COVER UP   fiction 13'

Director: Marie-Amelie Steul

Country of Origin/Filming: Germany


The life of Ibrahim, a short tempered conservative Arabic censor, is turned upside down when his colleague Waleed discovers a compromising photo that could ruin his reputation. A race against the clock begins. The photo has to disappear. At all cost.

GREENKEEPER   fiction 3'

Director: Lisa Pozo Nunez

Country of Origin/Filming: Germany


Guenther is a greenkeeper with body and soul. Unfortunately his soccer club stays far behind his ambitions. Since they are about to relegate again, it is on him to save the honor of his team.


Director:  Sophie Beaulieu

Country of Origin / Filming: France


In a French non-western setting, Jesse James is preparing a new bank robbery, after many months of inactivity. But his lifelong partner Bob Ford has more stable projects with his fiancee Cynthia. A weak man more than a coward, Bob just can't tell Jesse. But will he go as far as killing him? What if the story of Jesse James and killer Bob Ford was just a glorified expression of an unlikely vision of masculinity?

IN THE HUT OF MR. VAN DEN BRINK    fiction 15'

Director: Björn Renner

Country of Origin/Filming: Germany


In this modern fairy tale the two small-time crooks Heiko and Marcello end up in the hut of Mr. van den Brink. Having fled the police they hide in a garden house but then wake up with their hands and feet bound. From now on the owner of their hiding place, Mr. van den Brink, is calling the shots.

ITALY & (THIS IS) WATER   music video 5'

Directors:  Ioan Gavriel & Anja Franziska Plaschg

Country of Origin: Austria

Country of Filming: Malta


A single day: from the tender break of dawn to the darkest night.  One out of many days to come? Quite possibly the very last.  A long farewell, an ultimate goodbye to a life we have grown to hold dear. Leading to a head-on dive into a new reality, into a new state of being.

AJO   fiction 12'

Director: More Raca

Country of Origin/Filming: Kosovo



To escape an early marriage arranged by her father, Zana has to make a courageous decision.

ARTHUR RAMBO    fiction 18'

Director: Guillaume Levil

Country of Origin/Filming: France


Alain is a little boy from the Reunion Island born on the wrong side of the tracks. To earn a few pennies, he recites Arthur Rimbaud’s poems to drivers stuck at the red light.

One day, Alain is invited to Guillaume's birthday who lives uptown.

LE PASSAGE    fiction 10'

Directors: Clément & Pierre Labarre

Country of Origin / Filming: France


This short film between realism and fantasy features a young man and an old man moving on a canal in the middle of the night aboard a boat. As they approach an immense building, they will make a meeting as strange as unexpected that will project them to the border of space and time.

MAELSTROM   fiction 3'

Director: Carlos Gómez-Trigo

Country of Origin/Filming: Spain


Karl spins the spoon from his coffee. Something spins even faster inside Tony's head.

O.I.  fiction 19'

Director: N'cee van Heerden

Country of Origin/Filming: Canada


Chris revisits the Tiki bar where he made his first ever deal. He wants to celebrate the biggest deal he's ever made by drinking down memory lane. It is early morning and there is only one other customer, Barry, and the Barman. Barry is drinking to forget and is in no mood to celebrate anything. Only Chris' offer of free drinks for a week if he can't solve Barry's problems makes Barry change his mind. Barry has a unique problem. He came up with a truly original idea. And he is the only one immune to it. Chris doesn't believe a word of it and is determined to prove Barry a liar and win the bet.

THE 100TH VICTIM    fiction 20'

Director: Anthony von Seck

Country of Origin/ Filming: Canada

Country of Filming: U.S.A.


A truck stop diner, a killer confesses his bizarre experiments to a blogger for the LA Times. An unassuming middle-aged man shares his appetite for twisting fate and playing God. He has polaroids of his ninety-nine victims, by the end of their meal, one of them will be the next.


RITA    documentary 20'

Director: George Danopoulos

Country of Origin/Filming: Greece


Rita, an old-school prostitute, in Athens, talks about facts and aspects of her life and character.With her soft adorable voice she escorts an acute variety of images while wandering inside the whorehouses showing us the abrasive and strident world of the brothels in Athens.

THE SOUND   fiction 15'

Director: Antony Petrou

Country of Origin: Cyprus

Country of Filming: United Kingdom


Beth lives a quiet rural life with her parents, on their secluded family farm. When her fragile mother begins to hear a mystery sound that nobody else can hear, the family are unsure what to make of it. Soon, the sound becomes a source of frustration and pain and it drives Beth’s mother to the brink. Desperate to alleviate her mother's suffering, Beth becomes obsessed with finding and stopping the mystery of the strange sound.

THE BIND  fiction 16'

Director: Caroline Bartleet

Country of Origin/Filming: United Kingdom


THE BIND is a tense thriller/drama set on a remote farm. It follows the fate of a mother, RUTH (60s), as her son, JAMIE (40s), turns up in the middle of the night with his nine-year-old daughter and threatens to kill his parents if they refuse to give him his fair share of the farm, which they have given to his older brother instead. With every decision Ruth makes, she will endeavour to save as many as she can from this dangerous hostage situation.

THE VISIT   fiction 15'

Director: Christian Werner

Country of Origin/ Filming: Germany


Klaus (60) works voluntary as a Santa Claus in a shopping mall. After an exhausting day, he considers to hang up his job. But then, he gets a call from the children's intensive care unit.

TO THE MOON AND BACK   fiction 12'

Director: Stelana Kliris

Country of Origin/ Filming: Cyprus


A young man has to tell his girlfriend that he has been accepted on a one-way mission to Mars.



TOMATIC   fiction 20'

Director: Christophe Saber

Country of Origin/ Filming: France


Three best friends, Jimmy, Samy and Sofi, have the trailblazing idea: to turn a chocolate dispenser into a pot-vending machine. Also, there’s a dog in the film.


WIDDERSHINS   animation 11'

Director: Simon P Biggs

Country of Origin/ Filming: United Kingdom


The life of a pampered gentleman is seamlessly automated by machines, but his orderly existence is thrown into chaos when he chooses to pursue a free-spirited woman, against the advice of his robot butler.